Eos Energy Enterprises (NASDAQ:EOSE) announced three new orders for their zinc-based grid-scale batteries totaling $10M to be deployed in Texas, California and India.

The Texas order for 1MWh comes from Hecate Energy, who had announced last fall a long-term deal to order over 1 GWh of Eos batteries over the next four years. This Texas order appears to be the first part of that larger deal. The GWh-scale Hecate announcement last fall turned a lot of heads and it’s great to see this plan starting to turn into action.

The California order comes from ZGlobal, a first-time Eos customer. The batteries for that deal will support a solar project. Eos’ Zinc-Bromine technology is ideal for applications like this because they are a robust and utility-light option for 4-12 hour storage. They require no AC or substantial HVAC and can run at high temperatures so none of that renewable power needs to go to keeping the batteries comfortable.

Another new customer, Azure Power (NYSE: AZRE) has ordered an Eos system to be deployed in India. Azure was reportedly motivated by Eos’ positive demo elsewhere in India a few years ago when the Eos system was able to stand up to operation in harsh ambient temperatures of over 45 degrees Celsius. Like the ZGlobal deal above and others being made for Zinc-Bromine (see the recent deal from RedFlow), we’re seeing early adopters from applications were temperature and safety are big concerns. Of course, that’s not the only selling point for zinc on the grid, but these angles will continue serve as excellent entry points for these technologies as they grow their footing against lithium-ion.