Our proven OctoLyte™ additives help manufacturers reach the next level of performance with a simple, scalable solution.

Our Core Additives

Octolyte Z1-5

Our original novel small molecule additives created for rechargeable alkaline-based zinc batteries stop dendrites and prevent hydrogen on charge without sacrificing efficiency.

Octolyte Z6

Our non-hazardous, robust solution created for acidic to near-neutral zinc halide batteries controls plating, improves cyclability and gets more energy out of your battery.

Octolyte Z7

Our highly soluble and simple solution created for all alkaline zinc batteries hinders corrosion and hydrogen formation, improving overall battery performance and lifetime.

Tailored Solutions

Additive Catalog

We maintain a database of hundreds of additive candidate molecules so we can find what you need.

Custom Molecule Design

With chemical knowledge and synthetic capability, we can create the perfect additive for your best battery.