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Chemistry to unlock the full potential of Zinc Batteries.


Why Zinc batteries?

To support our growing electric world, energy storage is diversifying. It’s time to match the right battery with the right application. Nonhazardous, plentiful, recyclable, and versatile, Zinc batteries offer a suite of features no other technology can match. Zinc is the ideal energy metal, and it’s ready to change the battery world! 


Safe & Stable

Water-based Zinc Batteries are non-flammable, long-lasting and environmentally benign.

Highly Sustainable

Zinc is easy to recycle. Over $1B of Zinc waste is already recycled annually in the United States.


Zinc metal is low-cost thanks to a large supply, easy processing and global availability.

Versatile, High Performance

High power, high capacity, long duration. There’s a Zinc battery for almost any application.

About octet Scientific

Molecule designers dedicated to sustainabile energy storage

Zinc Batteries have a lot of potential, but they’re not perfect yet. Octet is dedicated to optimizing additive chemistry for Zinc Batteries through novel molecular design and production. Our OctoLyte™ additives, designed specifically for zinc batteries, elegantly solve zinc’s most stubborn problems to bring critical and unique support to the Zinc Battery industry.


Increases Zinc Battery Lifespan & Efficiency


An Easy Add for Improved Performance without Sacrifices


Novel Organic Additives Designed Specifically for Zinc Batteries


let’s Optimize your Zinc battery

Octet Scientific is dedicated to the Zinc Battery future. Our goal is to help perfect your battery.


Consult Our Team

Let’s talk about your batteries challenges and your targets. We’ll search our portfolio to find the best OctoLyte™ additives for you.


test samples

We’ll send samples and support your testing as we evaluate and iterate. We won’t rest until you’ve got the perfect additive.


optimize Your Batteries

We’ll supply the best OctoLyte™ additive to give your safe, economical Zinc battery its optimial efficiency and cycle life.