Seamless Optimization for Tomorrow’s Best Batteries

Additives and custom solutions to unlock the full potential of your energy storage.

We make your batteries better

Your battery chemistry matters.

Our additives optimize electrolyte performance to get the most from your battery.

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Additives: The Simplest Solution for Maximum Battery Performance

Drop-in solutions to your biggest battery challenges. Our products bring you:

Increased Capacity

Longer Lifetimes

Higher Efficiency

Better Energy Density, and more!

Our process: let’s Optimize your Battery Chemistry

Step 1

Consult Our Team

Let’s talk about your battery challenges and your targets. We’ll search our database to find the best OctoLyte™ additives for you.

Step 2

Test Samples

We’ll send samples and support your testing as we evaluate and iterate. We won’t rest until you’ve got the perfect additive.

Step 3

Optimize Your Batteries

We’ll supply the best OctoLyte™ additive to optimize your battery so it can change the energy storage world!

Why Octet?

We’re battery chemistry experts! Our team combines new molecular design and electrochemical expertise to find unique yet simple solutions to current and future battery technology.


Our additives work at the heart of the battery, stopping side reactions and guiding better performance at the molecular level. For one user this is 25% more capacity. For another, 60% more cycle life.

Easy to use

Adding just drops of our product to your battery electrolyte is all you need to do. No redesigns, no significant manufacturing changes…simply mix it in!


Our additives are simple, scalable molecules that bring outsized value to your battery product. Unlock the untapped value in your product by adding just a little of ours.


Our additives are designed to live and work inside batteries where few chemicals can. They were made for this, by us, and they won’t let you down whether your running days, years, or decades.

Latest News

Introducing OctoLyte Z8: Revolutionizing Aqueous Battery Technologies

Octet Scientific, a renowned leader in electrolyte additive development and manufacturing for aqueous battery technologies, is thrilled to unveil its latest breakthrough innovation: OctoLyteTM Z8. This new product line represents a significant advancement in the field, specifically targeting gassing and corrosion in near-neutral and acidic electrolytes.

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