Redflow, Ltd, announced a $1.2M deal to supply 192 of their 10.5 kWh Zinc-Bromine flow batteries to Anaegria, an international biofuel and waste recovery company. Anaegria’s plant in Rialto, CA is an ideal location for Redflow’s robust modular flow batteries, which can operate with minimal maintenance and easily tolerate high temperature without the need of external control. Safety is often also a critical concern at fuel and oil sites and, unlike lithium chemistries, Zinc-Bromine is non-flammable.

The deal marks an exciting entrance for Redflow into the US, and also helps establish the company’s versatility to serve both household customers, as they have done for years, and emerging commercial & industrial MWh-scale users like Anaegria.

Redflow expands to US market with largest global battery sale yet