In a significant stride toward a net-zero future, the Department of Energy (DOE) has recently allocated $325 million in grant funding to accelerate the development of long-duration energy storage technologies (LDES). This substantial investment will support 9 unique projects and underscores the DOE’s commitment to advancing innovative energy solutions that will revolutionize the way we store and utilize electricity. Among the grant recipients, three pioneering zinc battery technology companies are poised to play a pivotal role in this transformation. Octet is uniquely positioned to support these initiatives through specialty chemical development that enhances cycle life, energy density, and efficiency. Octet’s expertise makes them a valuable partner in the realm of long-duration energy storage and is enthusiastic about the projects funded by the DOE.

Zinc Battery Technology: A Path to the Future

Three companies—Eos Energy Enterprises, Redflow, and Urban Electric Power—have received substantial funding to advance zinc battery technology, a promising avenue in the journey toward efficient energy storage.

  1. Eos Energy Enterprises: A Publicly Traded Innovator

Eos Energy Enterprises is partnering with NextEra Energy on their FUZES project developing several 10-hour battery projects. This partnership aims to enhance grid stability and resilience, ensuring reliable energy access in North Dakota, Oregon, and Wisconsin even in challenging conditions.

  1. Redflow: Powering a Children’s Hospital in California

Redflow, in partnership with Faraday Microgrids, is working on a substantial 34.4 MWh battery system to provide reliable power to a children’s hospital in California. This project, known as CHARGES, underscores the transformative potential of long-duration energy storage to enhance power reliability for critical infrastructure. This boosts Redflow’s order book to a total of 60MWh just this year.

  1. Urban Electric Power: Strengthening New York State’s Grid

Urban Electric Power is embarking on a mission to fortify New York State’s energy infrastructure with an impressive project totaling 600 kW/7.2 MWh. Their contribution will further solidify New York’s position as a leader in sustainable energy initiatives.

Unlocking a Future of Possibilities

The DOE’s decision to allocate $325 million to long-duration energy storage was not taken lightly. The DOE has described an extensive internal review process, including thorough technical and economic vetting by experts from the national labs before receiving funding. This rigorous evaluation ensures that the selected technologies have the potential to deliver on these projects, provides a diverse portfolio and indicates optimism for more projects in the future.

Octet: Leading the Charge in Zinc Battery Innovation

Octet’s commitment to advancing zinc battery technology is a critical piece of the puzzle in further improving long-duration energy storage solutions. Our specialty chemical development expertise plays a pivotal role in increasing the cycle life, energy density, and efficiency of zinc batteries. We remain optimistic about the future of zinc battery technology and are excited to see more funding go towards the deployment of these amazing technologies.