Redflow has completed installation of 192 Zinc-Bromine batteries at the Rialto site of biofuels company Anaergia. The batteries, touted by Redflow as the world’s smallest flow batteries, comprise a 2 MWh storage capacity and the Australian company’s largest sale and installation to date. The system will be integrated by Siemens and tested in January before it can go on line.

Anaegria commented on how smoothly and- note- “professionally” the installation went, which is a comment we often see to describe Zinc battery manufacturers. It seems that buyers are surprised by the maturity od Zinc battery manufacturers, which reflects the relative maturity of their products. While there are a lot of new, untested technologies trying to make a name in grid storage, Zinc batteries have been in development for decades and are among the oldest and best known classes of batteries. It is only their emergence on the grid that is new.

Hopefully, we will hear good news later this year on how well Redflow’s cells perform and that this will be the first of many such installation for the promising company. Octet is committed to improving their technology with new chemistry to optimize Zinc-Bromine efficiency, energy density, and longevity.