Zinc8 will use an old IBM site in Ulster County to bring the manufacturing of their Zinc-Air flow battery to New York state. A Vancouver-based company, Zinc8 is taking advantage of the incentives New York state is providing to bring clean energy jobs to the area and revamp a long quiet manufacturing site. The state level tax credits being realized in this project are in addition to the federal investment tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act. Incentives and funding are necessary to scale safe and sustianable technologies while creating economic opportunity in the US. With an abundant supply chain to support the technology as well, this is a win for domestic battery development.

This technology will be used for long duration energy storage systems that are rising in promenance as we diversify our electricity sources. Zinc provides a safe option, espcially in densely populated areas such as New York City, to store energy. Pilot projects are underway in Queens and Buffalo, New York to prove out Zinc8’s technology in the next couple of years.