Gelion, a spin-out of the University of Sydney (Australia), is commercializing a novel Zinc-Bromine grid/stationary battery that utilizes a proprietary gel-based electrolyte. While Zinc-bromine is an excellent chemistry for many grid applications, it is particularly attractive for harsh climates like parts of Australia. ZnBr requires neither temperature control nor fire suppression (because it is water-based and nonflammable). It’s a particularly robust and reliable chemistry, and Gelion has a plan to produce it at low cost.

Like others in the Zinc Battery industry, Gelion is working to leverage the existing manufacturing capabilities of the legacy lead-acid industry to produce better battery chemistries without completely reinventing the wheel. Along those lines, Gelion has recently announced a partnership with Battery Energy Power Solutions to help manufacturer their technology locally in Australia. Battery Energy is one of two existing lead-acid battery manufacturers in Australia. While others in the Zinc Battery industry are already leveraging lead-acid manufacturing capability to fast-track their products (see: AEsir Tech), the Gelion-Battery Energy partnership is the first to pair lead-acid manufacture with Zinc-Bromine technology, possibly opening a elegant new path for quickly commercializing and diversifying this technology.