Jan 28, 2020 – Octet Scientific, Inc. was one of the incubator companies selected to present at the unveiling of MAGNET’s new facility. Lieutenant Governor, Jon Husted, and many others were treated to a video demonstration of how Octet’s novel electrolyte additives can help make Zinc a more competitive energy storage metal.

Mr. Husted’s visit came as Octet has begun delivering samples to a variety of battery customers who are developing new energy storage solutions based on economical, sustainable, safe, and plentiful Zinc metal. Zinc batteries are emerging as commercially viable options for things such as backup power, medical wearables, and grid storage. Future uses for Zinc batteries include portable devices, traditional automotive and electric vehicles. Octet’s unique products will play a significant role in seeing Zinc rise to meet these opportunities.

Octet’s additive chemicals are enabling and enhancing components for Zinc batteries. With just a small dose, Zinc batteries last longer, run safer, and can be more efficient to better compete with incumbent technologies like Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion. Through their OctoLyte™ brand of additive products, Octet is helping to bring a safer, better, and more sustainable alternative to the market for small and large scale energy storage.

To learn more about MAGNET and its new facility, visit the Magnet Manufacturing Experience.