ZincFive announced partnerships with Kaizen Clean Energy and Advanced Power & Energy to facilitate the deployment of their technology in the EV charging and microgrid markets. 

The Tualtin, Oregon based company specializes in producing nickel-zinc battery storage technology. ZincFive’s battery building block uniquely provides immediate high-power performance with no risk of thermal runaway. It is especially appealing for urban and industrial applications due to its stability and small carbon footprint.  

Kaizen Clean Energy is an industry leader in hydrogen based microgrids having introduced an innovative integrated distributed energy solution for EV charging, hydrogen fueling and backup power. The company plans to offer customers scalable, sustainable, and economic hydrogen fueling and EV charging by leveraging ZincFive’s battery integration expertise and PowerCell’s fuel cells with its proven hydrogen generator. 

Advanced Power & Energy is developing a portfolio of power solutions designed for industrial and commercial environments. These innovative products are designed to enable EV DC fast charging, behind the meter renewables and industrial starter applications. AP&E will begin the pilot commissioning of ZincFive’s immediate power solution in May.  

Its exciting to see this safe and sustainable technology entering new markets with innovative solutions to address the rapid growth of EV charging.