In another great sign for not only the viability of Zinc-based storage but also its ability to out-perform lithium on the grid, Koch Strategic Platforms announced a $100M investment in Eos Energy Enterprises, a leading maker of Zinc-Bromine batteries.

The investment is significant in both size and timing. The $100M nearly doubles the $130M Eos raised last year when they went public (NASDAQ:EOSE) via a SPAC. It also comes as the company is gearing up to become a serious competitor to lithium-ion in the nascent grid storage market. In April Eos took full ownership of its manufacturing facility, previously a joint venture with Holtec International. Later this year they will begin manufacturing their new Gen 3 system, The Eos Cube, after several years demonstrating success in the field with their Gen 2 and Gen 2.3 batteries. With a sales pipeline already hitting $30M of the $50M forecast for this year, the pieces are aligning for Eos to lead the charge in Zinc-based grid battery technology.